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Keyword searching using Quickfind

After viewing this demonstration try locating material on your topic using the search box on the library homepage. There are some useful keywords to use in the box below.


Below are some some general keywords for this subject area which you can use to experiment with. 

"Public policy development"
"Policy making"
"Policy implementation"
"Civil service" AND ethics
"Australian constitution"
"Role of parliament"
"Public administration"
“Policy analysis” AND "government policy"
"Policy instruments"

Alcohol OR Alcoholism
"Family Violence"

Combine these headings with phrases such as "social aspects", "crime prevention", "social problems" to get better results. Don't forget to add words like Australia or Queensland to narrow your searches.


Limit your results by using quotation marks & the filters in Quickfind  – these are available at the left of the  Quickfind results screen. You will get a manageable number of more targeted results. Look out for other ways of refining such as:

  • Type of publication, eg search only for books & ebooks, or only peer reviewed articles
  • Subject terms, eg look for subjects relating to public policy, social policy, social justice etc
  • Publication date – for very recent material.

Finding a peer reviewed or scholarly article using Quickfind

Have to find scholarly, peer reviewed articles? Have a look at this presentation - then try to find your own using the search bar on the library homepage.

DVDs & Documentaries

DVDs you can borrow from the library:

Moonlight State                GP 364.132309943 9   

More bloody meetings     GP 658.456  37/A 

Someone's watching        GP 323.4482  1/A 

View programs on your PC  via TVNews database (enter the program title - in italics below - into the database search box):

Finance Minister discusses public service leaks: Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner responds to questions about the implications of the Ozcar Scandal for both sides of politics . He denied that to the best of his knowledge that the government did not leak to the media, the AFP's imminent raid on Godwin Grech's house.

Tax Me If You Can: A former employee of the LGT Bank turned whistleblower stole 12,000 pages worth of documents from his employer which exposed a number of rich tax evaders as well the methods they used to avoid taxes by using the services of the LGT Bank.

The Dishonouring of Marcus Einfeld: Reporter Sarah Ferguson speaks exclusively to former Federal Court judge, Marcus Einfeld, about a lie over a $75 speeding fine that landed him in jail.