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Managing References

Mendeley is a free reference manager which will allow you to export records in BibTeX format and automatically generate a citekey for each reference.  It has both a web-based version with 1 GB of storage and desktop versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.  There are iphone and ipad apps as well.  More information about Mendeley is available from other reference management software.

Mendeley's YouTube Channel

How to use Mendeley to create citations using LaTeX and BibTeX (instructions )

JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager which should work equally well on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.  It can be used to collect and store your references in a format that can be used in your LaTeX document.

Convert Endnote library to JabRef/BibTex

  1.  Open library in Endnote
  2. Copy "BibTeX Export to JabReg.ens" to folder "C:\Program Files\EndNote#\Styles\" [For creating own export filter see below]
  3. In Endnote, click Edit->Output Styles->Open Style Mangater..
  • find and select the added BibTex Style("BibTeX Export to JabRef.ens")
  • select Edit->OutputStyles->BibTex Export to JabRef
  • click File->Export
  • save the file as ****.txt

      4. Open Jabref

  • click File-> Import into new database(or current)
  • select****.txt but leave"Files of type:"menu set to "All Files"
  • click OK

       5. Generate Bibtexkey's for all of your files

  •  highlight all files (Ctrl-A)
  •  Select Tools->Autogenerate Bibtex keys
  • Save your Labref library as ****.bib
  • Ready