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Find journal articles


AGIS Plus Text (Attorney General's information service Plus Text)  
Database covering all aspects of Australian law. Indexed since 1975. Selected full text since 1995.

APA Full-Text  
Australian index of current journals and newspapers on material about Australia's political, economic, legal, social and cultural affairs. Indexed since 1978. Selected full text from 1998

CINCH - The Australian Criminology Database (via Informit Search)
 Covers criminological material with Australian content. Indexed since 1976


Here are some terms you can try in CINCH:

Aboriginal courts
Aboriginal family violence
Aboriginal justice
Aboriginal offenders
Aboriginal women
Aboriginal youth
Aboriginal over representation
Circle sentencing
Criminal justice system effectiveness
Customary law
Deaths in custody
Land rights
Mandatory sentences
Stolen generations  



Indigenous Australia  
Represents the collections of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Library. Over 30,000 records are available.

TVNews (via Informit Search)  
Informit Media TVNews is a database of TV news and current affairs programs from Australian free to air networks. TVNews enables you to search, browse, track and be alerted to television events/items 

Finding full-text articles

If no Full-text is available in a database (or if you have a reference from elsewhere), use the Journal Title option in the Catalogue to find it in another database, or in print


  1. Enter the journal, magazine or newspaper title (Not the article title)
  2. Navigate to the Full-text based on the information from the database listing

     e.g.: Journal title > Year > Volume # > Issue # > Article title > Full-text PDF