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DVDs & documentaries

TVNews enables you to search for, watch and be alerted to television events and programs. It provides a synopsis of all major news, current affairs and documentaries on Australian free to air networks channels ABC, ABC 2, SBS, 7, 9 and 10.  

You can view the programs below through the TVNews Database:

Aurukun Now and Then Four Corners first visited Aurukun on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula in 1978. It discovered a community free from missionary oversight, fighting for land rights and self-determination. Thirteen years later alcoholism, violence and abuse were rife there. Four Corners returns to the community to report on a radical reform process aimed at making future generations strong again.

 Bowraville: Unfinished Business Four Corners investigates the infamous murders of three Aboriginal children in the small NSW town of Bowraville in 1990 and 1991. Two decades on, investigators only have one suspect, and nobody has been convicted. One leading murder investigator calls into question the actions of NSW police involved in the initial hunt for the killer. Reporter Debbie Whitmont uncovers a disturbing story of inaction, inexperience and under-resourcing. She also looks at the town itself, which has a divisive racial history. While the days of the colour bar may be over, a deep sense of mistrust has remained.

Who Killed Mr Ward?: "Who Killed Mr Ward?" is the shocking story of well respected indigenous community leader , Mr Ward, who was locked in a metal cell in the back of a prison van and driven through the desert in the searing heat in outback WA.

Educating Kimberly: With the increasing number of functionally illiterate indigenous children in Australia, many have suggested that these children need to be taken away from their communities and sent to a boarding school where they can be properly educated

Tracking the Intervention: Four Corners tracks the Federal Government intervention into the Northern Territory

Going Back to Lajamanu: Debbie Whitmont travels to the Northern Territory to find out what will happen after the government moved to scrap a controversial 35-year-old experiment in bilingual education.

Malu Sara Tragedy: Reporter Debbie Whitmont investigates the sinking of the Malu Sara, an immigration vessel, in the Torres Strait causing the death of five people and asks why an experienced patrol officer was told to put to sea in gale force winds, in a boat not built to deal with the conditions

Mabo Revisited: Twenty years after the High Court's historic Mabo judgement, Four Corners reports on the impact of the decision, the response it inspired and the inside story of the negotiations that paved the way for native title. It interviews the powerbrokers who forced Australia to confront its history, as well as their critics.

Native title fight: Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest wants to make a deal that would give his company, Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), access to a huge chunk of land in Australia's mineral rich northwest. Michael Woodley is an elder of the Yindjibarndi people that effectively hold Native Title rights to the land Forrest has his eye on. To date, they have been unable to agree on a compensation package that could make both the company and the community a lot of money. Four Corners examines what has prevented such an agreement and if there is a way to find common ground.

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