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Welcome to SEB104

For detailed information about SEB104, including assessment information, see the SEB104 Blackboard site.

The Study section of HiQ will provide you with information that will assist you complete the assessment items.

Across the assessment items you are expected to critically analyze the information you read. This questioning process is called critical thinking or critical analysis. Simply, critical thinking or critical analysis involves more than just accepting the information given to you but asking how it relates to your area of investigation or study. The library has a number of books exploring critical thinking/critical analysis. Also some useful information on this important academic skill.

In the 3 assessment related sections in this guide I have directed you to relevant sections of the Study section of HiQ as well as provided additional information specific to finding information sources in Science. 

There are workshops, drop-in sessions and individual support to help you develop the academic skills you need to complete the assessment items.

SEB104 Grand Challenges in Science Teaching Team

Unit Coordinator  --  Dr Wendy Miller

Grand Challenge Leaders

The IFE Grand Challenge Public Lecture Series 2019

"Several grand challenges confront humanity in the 21st century, from feeding the world's booming population to managing scarce natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint. The IFE Public Grand Challenge Lecture Series explores these and other challenges and the possible solutions to them. All the lectures are free and open to the public."

For topics, dates and times.