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HiQ Virtual - giving coursework students research student access

Coursework Students have a limited view of HiQ Virtual -  in order to see what Research students can see (e.g. a lot of Endnote content, the thesis template etc.) this is the path they need to take to get to the radio button to switch this on:

Personal Profile – Preferences – Optional Content – Research Student

Systematic Quantitative Literature Review

A smart and effective method for undertaking literature reviews particularly for research students and others new to a discipline.

"Narrative methods that are commonly used in many research theses, rely on the expertise and experience of the author, making them challenging for novices. In contrast, the method we use and recommend involves systematically searching the literature using online database and other sources to find all relevant papers that fit specific criteria (systematically identifying the literature), entering information about each study into a personal database, then compiling tables that summarise the current status of the literature (quantifying the literature). The results are reliable, quantifiable and reproducible.

Using this method, it’s also possible to determine if there are suitable datasets for meta-analysis. By mapping the literature we can not only identify what is known, but also, but where there are gaps: a critical issue in advancing research and designing PhD research programs."