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Curriculum Collection

About the Curriculum Collection

This is a collection of teaching resources designed for use in the classroom by Education students during professional experience placements. The Curriculum Collection includes fiction and non-fiction books, 'big books', posters, puzzles, games and puppets. Audiovisual materials include DVD's, music CDs and software.

The Curriculum Collection is located at the Kelvin Grove Library on level 4.

Searching the library for curriculum resources

There is a dedicated Library search for finding Curriculum Collection resources.

  • Select the Education link in the Databases and specialised search tools box

  • Enter your search terms in the Classroom resources Search box
    Note that there is the option to do an Advanced Search


  • Fiction.  Type in the topic and the word fiction. e.g. Aboriginal Australians fiction

More information can be found in a separate guide Children's Literature.

  • Non-fiction.  Type in the topic and the word literature  e.g. animals literature
  • Large illustrations/ posters. Use the same search as in non-fiction above and then click on the Modify Search button to limit the search by Material Type, e.g. Chart, etc The items are found in the Hanging File collection.
  • Big books. e.g. big book*

You will need to read the catalogue records carefully to select relevant items. Another tip is to browse the shelves at 428.6 where you will see big books in large plastic wallets.  There are also some well-known series containing big books which you can search for, e.g. Bookshelf, Infoactive, Informazing, and Story Box.

  • Interactive multimedia. Type in the subject followed by the phrase interactive multimedia. Alternatively, type in the subject and the word software :  e.g. Mathematics interactive multimedia ;Mathematics software
  • Films and videos. Type in films (to get a full listing), OR type in the topic and the word films.e.g. films ; fantasy films
  • Lesson plans can be found in the catalogue using a variety of keywords: e.g. lesson plans, lesson planning, teaching units etc.  More information can be found in a separate guide Lesson Plans
  • Readers.  English language readers (simplified or graded texts) can be used by both ESL students and English speaking students. To seach for readers, instead of the keyword option, select the SUBJECT option. Type in the term readers for a listing of subject categories, and then click on the category you want.  The Junior Fiction collection should also be utilised.  More information can be found in a separate guide Children's Literature.